Scottie Go! Magnetic Blocks


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Scottie Go! Magnetic Blocks


A set of 53 large magnetic blocks which can be attached to a magnetic board or used on a carpet. Scottie Go! Magnetic Blocks is a great tool for supporting teacher – student interaction and assisting teachers in presenting and explaining solutions for Scottie’s quests.



Meet our easy-to-use and convenient teaching aid. Scottie Go! Magnetic Blocks will help you illustrate the basics of algorithm coding and the concept of parameters. The Magnetic Blocks - just like their cardboard counterparts – are typically used to solve and complete quests in the Scottie Go! world. This set is a great complement to the e.g. Scottie Go! for Education game. Magnetic Blocks are larger than the standard cardboard coding blocks, so they are clearly visible from anywhere in the classroom, allowing pupils to see the programming commands placed by a teacher on a magnetic or an interactive board, a carpet or a floor.

It is an excellent tool to interact with students. You can use these colorful blocks to introduce concepts independently, present and discuss solutions for a given quest, or complete all the initial 24 quests from the Scottie Edu! app.


Apart from their magnetic properties, Scottie Go! Magnetic Blocks work in the same way as the cardboard coding blocks from our games. They are much larger than their game counterparts, so they will be legible even for students sitting in the back of a classroom. They are also compatible with the Scottie Go! Edu application, and the license key from the set grants you access to the initial 24 quests. Start the application, load or create your profile and start playing:

1. Pick a location of your quests on the world map and select an unlocked quest (quests will be unlocked as you progress through the game).
2. Analyze the quest carefully. What actions and route does Scottie have to take to complete his adventure? 
3. Compose a program for Scottie with the coding blocks and scan it with the application. 
4. Watch Scottie execute your program on screen!


The Magnetic Blocks come in handy whenever you want to discuss a quest or a particular programming solution with the whole class. You can use it:

- To illustrate and explain abstract programming concepts which students use in their programs.
- As a visual aid, thanks to which learners will get better comprehension of how basic instructions, loops and parameters work together in a program.
- As a complement to the Scottie Go! for Education game or as a completely separate didactic material for teaching programming.
- To make programming appealing to younger children

Scottie Go! Magnetic Blocks are larger than the standard cardboard coding blocks, and are therefore visible from an interactive board or a carpet. Additionally, dots placed on their sides help students learn counting.


The set includes:
- 53 large magnetic blocks, which can be attached to a magnetic or an interactive board.
- a user manual,
- a license key giving teachers access to 24 initial quests from the Scottie Go! Edu app.

Great tool for working with younger children.

Easy-to-use teaching aid which facilitates teamwork and presentation of quest solutions.

The blocks can be attached to a traditional metal board or a magnetic board.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 4 cm
Wymagania techniczne

Minimum requirements for the Android operating system: Android 4.1 or newer, min. 1.5GHz dual core processor.
Minimum requirements for the iOS - minimum iOS 8, iPhone 5s, iPad 4th generation or newer.
Minimum requirements for the Windows operating system: Windows 7/8/10, 32/64 bit, min. 2GB of RAM, processor min. Dual Core 1.33GHz, with rear camera.


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