Scottie Go! DOJO

Integrated system for teaching and learning programming

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Scottie Go! Dojo – quest creator


Scottie Go! Dojo application is an educational tool designed in an attractive game formula to safely create interactive quests for the main character of the game – a nice and friendly alien Scottie. An app is intended for students aged 9 to 15. It allows traditional and distance learning.

Scottie Go! Dojo app is the main element of the system for teaching and learning programming.

The additional elements of the system include among others:

  • Scottie Go! Platform,
  • Instruction for the teacher,
  • Short quide for pupils,
  • Notebook with 40 quests,

Scottie Go! Dojo is a quest creator where pupils by themselves or with a teacher design the quests that Scottie executes on the screen. To solve the quests, students create programs using the programming blocks from the Scottie Go! EDU box or working with the code editor in the application.

Scottie Go! Dojo app requires licence purchase and registration on Scottie Go! Platform

Access to the system is sold for 30 or 100 users and includes also the Teacher’s Folder with Instruction, Notebook with quests and stickers for pupils.



Scottie Go! Dojo is an interactive AR application for quests creation. It extends the experience of the Scottie Go! Edu app and introduces new possibilities.

Players can use the app to create and share their own quests. It means that teachers can now develop their own educational programming content and use it as a complement to their classes or as a basis for extracurricular activities, tests and competitions. Students can also create their own coding challenges for Scottie to put their knowledge to practice.

To solve the quests, users can:

  • work with the code editor in the application(on-screen programming),
  • use the programming blocks from the Scottie Go! Edu box and scan them with their own device.

Quests can be solved, saved for later or shared with others via unique QR codes generated in the application.

Note: To ensure that your students can access this application you need to register an account on the Scottie Go! Platform and create their Scottie Go! Dojo user profiles.


The Scottie Go! platform enables the teacher to create and manage licenses and accounts, organize students into project or class groups.After registering the account you will be able to create, view and download login data for the app user profiles. The login data is necessary to access the Scottie Go! Dojo quest creator.


Scottie Go! Dojo helps you plan your own programming curriculum and guide your students through experimentation with their knowledge and creativity:

  • Use this quest creator to select the programming concepts and skills you want to teach e.g. during specific classes or extracurricular homeschool activities.
  • Create quests at any desired level of difficulty, as well as set and control their quests’ star requirements.
  • Engage students in the process of creating quests and lesson scenarios to help them develop critical, logical and creative thinking skills.

Scottie Go! teaches programming through gamification.

Combines the real world with the virtual one.

Allows solving quest with Scottie Go! EDU coding blocks or code editor (on-screen coding)

Allows pupils and teachers to design their own quests.

Designed for children from the age of 9 onwards.

Allows teachers to manage purchased licenses and students’ user profiles through the Scottie Go! Platform.


The game requires the Scottie Go! Dojo application.

* The box DOES NOT contain tablet  

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Wymagania techniczne

Minimum requirements for the Android operating system: Android 4.1 or newer, min. 1.5GHz dual core processor.
Minimum requirements for the iOS - minimum iOS 8, iPhone 5s, iPad 4th generation or newer.
Minimum requirements for the Windows operating system: Windows 7/8/10, 32/64 bit, min. 2GB of RAM, processor min. Dual Core 1.33GHz, with rear camera


30, 100


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